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Igel crews install underground storm lines, sanitary sewers, waterlines and specialty conduits. We have trained and experienced crews who can handle any conditions for underground utility work.

Igel has installed lines through rock, ground water, and the most severe underground situations. George J. Igel & Co., Inc. has worked in all areas of Central Ohio and we are aware of the local conditions.

Our crews have worked with almost every material and method on the market, sometimes in the most unique of applications, often pioneering new products and working hand-in-hand with suppliers to ensure the most beneficial installation method.


Columbus Parsons Road Sewer

27' Deep

Columbus - Naughten Road

Storm Sewer

Wilmington Airfield

Electric Conduits

Northstar Development

Pump Station

OSU North Residential Transformation

Utility Relocations

Children's Hospital Underground Storm Retention