Shoring / Earth Retention

  • River & Lake Shore Protection
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  • Retaining Wall
  • Tiebacks
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  • Rock Anchors
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  • Drilled Piers
  • Slide Repairs
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  • Caissons

Our professional staff can review your piling and shoring requirements and build an economical system to meet your project needs. We self-perform steel sheet piling, H-piling and lagging, tiebacks, and other earth retention systems.

When combined with our mass excavation services, we can provide turnkey urban basement excavations. One-sided wall forms can be designed to be attached to our sheeted walls for value in forming, pouring and backfill.

When driving or vibrating piling and sheeting is prohibited, we can drill deep holes with our drill and complete the work with a minimum of vibration. Our drilling equipment can drill 60" holes over 50' deep in most soils.


City of Columbus Coleman Tower

H-Pile & Lagging
20,000 sf

Cosi Parking Garage Sheet Piling

50,000 sf

Nationwide Children's Hospital BH Building

H-Pile & Lagging
10,000 sf

Rt. 315 & Powell Road

Slide Repair
2,000 sf

85 N. High Residential Tower

H-Pile & Lagging
12,000 sf

1400 N. High Mixed Use Tower

H-Pile, Tie Back, Lagging
25,000 sf