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As I begin my term as president of The Ohio State University, it gives me great pleasure to express my gratitude for George J. Igel & Company's recent excavation services for the Olentangy River Wetlands Research park. This means a great deal to the University, as well as the Wetlands Research Park. Thank you, again, for your partnership."

- Karen Holbrook,, The Ohio State University President

Letter from a Resident

A resident's testimonial for the Brand and Dublin Roads Roundabout

As home owners affected by the recent roundabout project at Brand and Dublin Roads, we felt it important to write and express our experiences and opinions following a significant change in the traffic flow of the Dublin Road corridor. I believe our perspective is fairly significant given our home is in the middle of the construction zone, and we were probably the family most impacted by the project.

As the project got underway July 18th, we were uncertain how our lives would be disrupted, although the Dublin Engineering staff tried to give us as realistic a view as they could. We knew we would be driving on dirt, and we knew that our son would be taking a different bus to school for a few weeks. Beyond these facts, we knew we were in for a few months of "routine disruption," and waited to see how things unfolded.

As the first few weeks turned into months, we came to appreciate the magnitude of the effort, and began to understand what is really involved in a project of this size. We also came to really appreciate the efforts of the Igel team led by Rich. From the very outset, they were very proactive in their communication with us, making sure we were informed of what was happening when something might affect us and answering questions (sometimes more than once) about minor happenings in the project but major concerns in our minds.

There were three primary Igel workers we interfaced with; Jimmy, Randy and Tracey. To a person, they were courteous, and very helpful in minimizing the affect of a major construction effort on our daily lives. Jimmy worked with us on just about every facet of the project impacting us from our raw driveway to solving a major problem with potential noise pollution. Randy and Tracey performed most of the grading work for the driveway, as well as blending our property into the new Dublin Road contour. And, given what changed, this was no small feat. Their respective courtesy, friendliness and experience was evident in every interaction, and we came to trust their answers, or opinions, as to what might be the best solution for a given situation.

While no one enjoys being effected by major construction around their home, we can say that the efforts by Rich, Randy and Tracey made the time easily manageable, with truly little impact to our daily lives. While we know there were many complaints from the public at large, as well as from others within the construction zone, an objective assessment of the project would reveal a high quality result, which has met or exceeded original expectations in terms of improving traffic flow and reducing congestion at the Dublin Road/Brand Road intersection we see everyday.

In closing, we want to thank the people at Igel, especially Rich, Jimmy, Randy and Tracey for their collective efforts in making this project a true success.

- Resident along Brand Road improvement