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Newark, Ohio Downtown Restoration and new Bridge

$30M – 3 year project in town center

Dear Mr. Igel,

Newark, Ohio is greatly improved from just two years ago. Your company has done outstanding work in our city – on time, within budget and of high quality, exceeding expectations along the way.

I have the pleasure of representing Newark Development Partners Community Improvement Corporation as its chair. In that capacity, I have the opportunity to work closely with the City of Newark Mayor, Engineer, and Service Director. In every case, they give your company high marks.

Personally, I’ve met and had conversations with John S. and Dave S., and I have observed on countless occasions, the willingness of your construction workers to greet pedestrians on with a smile and a quick “hello” whenever they interact. Friendly and professional are not often terms associated with folks in the construction business, but are accurate descriptions of Igel workers. You should be very proud of how your company is represented.

I marvel at the extent of the work being done and am amazed by the talent of your equipment operators. I am reminded of a complex choreography with “artists” running the heavy equipment. It is quite a show and the end product is simply outstanding.

Thank you and your team for your work to date…from the utility upgrade to the bridge replacement. As a person involved in business in downtown Newark, I have been so pleased to witness how your company has been so cooperative in helping to mitigate the considerable disruption.

- Chairman, Newark Development Partners Community Improvement Corporation

New IKEA Store– 25 Acres

$3.5M – site development

I feel compelled to express my sincere gratitude to John T. and George J. Igel & Co., Inc. for their partnership and a job well done at IKEA Polaris. John and his staff performed a large scope of work safely and without incident while at the same time displaying professionalism, efficiency and attention to detail from start to finish. Statistical data generated from site inspections support your excellent safety performance.
The Project Team and I would like to formally thank John and George J. Igel & Co. again for their excellent performance, and we look forward to working with you all again.

- Safety Engineer, Pepper Construction of Ohio

OSU NRDT, Messer Construction Co.

$200M – $30M Igel

Mr. John Igel;

As an Owner of a company, you generally only get to hear about the problems and issues on projects. The OSU NRDT Project was truly a once in a lifetime project for Messer and OSU and it could not have been completed without your entire team’s effort. The true testament was we were able to accomplish the incredible volume and challenging work while maintaining public safety and the workers’ safety at the forefront with no accidents or incidents.

This was not possible without Rod, Chris and all the foremen and craft workers involved. The foremen on the project were the real differentiators. They were able to push the craft in the most demanding times and still provide the highest quality work on a daily basis. The project was faced with unforeseen conditions and difficult designs but every time I was called with a problem, they already had a proposed solution. This allowed for an expedited solution and allowed the project to continue to flow as required. This is a lost skill and something I view as invaluable. Igel should be proud to have the foremen and craft they do.

Looking back, we all knew the NRDT project was going to be a very difficult challenge. However, walking through it now, it is simply amazing what we were able to accomplish as a team and something I know I will always be proud of in the future. I cannot thank your team enough but certainly look forward to working with you on projects in the future.

Thanks again,

- Senior Project Manager, Messer Construction

Residents express appreciation for Igel’s work at the Dam Repair project in Hocking County


The Hide-A-Way Hills Club awarded Igel the construction contract for the Lake of Four Seasons Dam Repair Project located in Hocking County in April 2016. The project consisted of replacing a gate valve, construction of an emergency spillway, and the excavation and earthwork of a new dam.
As we near the end, Igel has received positive comments from the Management Committee regarding the work. Specifically, they mentioned:

“How gratifying it has been to work with the contractors selected for this project: Igel and Company”

“This has been a large collaborative effort that required a team effort to be successful.”

There are a lot of good contractors, but Igel is an excellent contractor. They are people of principle and ethics."

Louis Smoot Sr., Smoot President/CEO