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I am writing this letter in reference to the recently completed Yearsley Road Bridge Project. As the adjacent landowner, I had the opportunity to observe and interact with many of your crew and supervisory personnel on a regular basis. I was very impressed with how they approached every aspect of the project and completely enjoyed all of our interactions. I found everyone to be easily approachable and helpful.

I was most grateful for the care and consideration I received whenever anyone was on my land.

I wish to extend a special thanks to Brad and Jeremy for their onsite skills. I am also particularly grateful to Carlton, Joe, Drew and Cole for all their efforts. With fine team members like these, I suspect you have a very bright future.

Oh, by the way, we also have an awesome new bridge!!


Adjacent Landowner

To everyone at George J. Igel & Co. Inc.,

I can’t thank you enough for the repairs you made to my lateral line… I feel incredibly fortunate that you agreed to repair my line... When I called Igel, I had already talked with two large companies that had both declined the street job...Shane made no promises, but he established a generous plan and said that he would start investigating what the job would entail.

Shane was honest, candid, direct, and caring… I had almost blind faith that Igel would be able to manage any unpleasant surprises – which they did.

With my background in teaching college English and in nursing, I was far out of my comfort zone. Shane knew it, and he spoke with me with the utmost courtesy, respect, and understanding..

I also had great communication with Chris and the entire crew. Everyone was approachable, friendly and professional. Nate and the whole crew made me feel welcome to ask questions and to check out the progress. I watched how the crew worked together and was impressed with the teamwork and just the good energy out there. I will always feel indebted for the quality and spirit of the crew who did the work.

I know that you are pros at this, that this is “your job”. But you all excelled in so many ways. As you go about your work, I want you always to remember how your approach, generosity, and expertise truly makes the world a better place. You eased my mind more than I can possibly say. Shane and all of you at Igel made me and my life much more sane than it would have been had you not made an exception and taken on my repair. You have clearly built a fabulous company that takes great care of construction projects – and of people.

Clintonville Resident

Mr Igel, .. your project on Woodlane was next to my farm property. I have been in business all my life and have employed people at one time in 33 states . I say that to put into perspective how impressed I have been with all of Igel personnel. from my first contact Jody, who was very thorough and professional, to my last contact Randy, everyone seems not only to fully understand outstanding service but also to always go the extra mile. Everyone I spoke with expressed their love for their job and for their company Igel construction. This job was completed thoroughly, and effectively with no wasted motion...

Nelsonville Slide Repair Neighbor

... we were in a funeral procession on our way to the cemetery to lay our aunt to rest. On the way there we had to cross through a construction zone. Every worker there stood with their hard hats in hand in such a respectful manner. It brought several of us to tears at their show of respect – you don't often see that anymore. I just want you to know what fine employees you have working on the bridge construction on State Route 279 in Oak Hill, Jackson County, Ohio. Please let them know their gesture was deeply appreciated.

Jackson County resident

Greater Columbus Convention Center

$120M project/ Igel $10M

On behalf of Corna Kokosing-Elford (CKE), thank you for your excellent performance in completion of the Site Work scopes of work for the Greater Columbus Convention Center Interior Renovation and Expansion.

George J. Igel was a key factor to completing the 100,000 square foot Expansion prior to the contractual milestone completion date. In this complex and logistically challenging expansion, George J. Igel’s professionalism, competency and dedication to the project stood out.

With Igel’s help, we were able to work through quite a number of road and sidewalk closures to allow other trades to complete their work on time. Igel also completed their base scope of work with speed and excellence. Despite discovering countless unknown existing conditions while completing the sitework, Igel always provided time and cost saving ideas to keep the schedule on track.

- Project Executive and Project Manager, Corna Kokosing-Elford