The company has evolved and often led technological changes in the industry. You don’t get from horse drawn wagons to today’s way of doing things without changing.

We have been at the forefront with Equipment Manufacturers when cranes were made in Ohio (Bucyrus-Erie and Lima cranes) developing their latest design.

In the 70’s we were working with Lazerplane out of Dayton to develop machine control laser machines. In the 90’s we worked with OSU Center of Mapping to test early GPS mapping systems.

In the new millennium, most construction industry changes have involved technology and computers. New Apps are constantly being evaluated by our team to see if they can help us be safer, more productive or more cohesive as a company.

Over 60 machines have GPS to put material in the right place.
4D modeling:
We develop models from Engineering documents before the work begins to help everyone visualize the project.
We have the capability to use BIM to ensure our work and others are coordinated and find conflicts before they are found in the field. Our BIM models can be used for future 3D modeling.
Our surveyors use drones to document our progress in real time- and we also get some great movies!
Paperless Construction:
We haven’t been able to eliminate all paper, but we are working hard at it. Plans, Specifications, Purchase orders, Submittals, etc. are all kept in the cloud and accessible to the over 75 iPads we have in the field in Foremen and Field leader’s hands. Time and quantities are tracked via paperless systems.
Just buying the technology is the easy part. We provide training in our training facility to use these tools to help propel the company forward. We shoot our own video “shorts” to save the training for accessibility by all employees.