Man standing on running board of truck 1911


Company founded

George J. Igel & Co., Inc. was founded in 1911 as a "trucking" company. There were no trucks however, and teams of horses pulling slat wagons hauled material around Columbus from excavations.



Beginning of a Tradition

In 1917, the company purchased two Packard trucks (Model serial numbers #9657 and #9659) and began the tradition of using the most effective and productive tools to complete a project.


Crane unloading load with Model A car in foreground 1920
Crane assisting in building a fence 1930


An Expanding Fleet

Since 1936, when the first bulldozer was purchased, the Igel Co. has expanded its fleet to every type of earthmoving equipment for the custom job.

Bulldozers ranging from 6 to 19 tons, with 8 feet to 13 feet blades, hi-lifts, both rubber tired and crawler type, from 1 yard to 2 and a half yard capacities are available with competent men and radio equipped moving equipment to give service to contractors, plants, farmers, and municipalities”
-From an early Igel Brochure



New Tools for Construction

Cranes were developing as a new tool for construction, and Ohio was at the center of development (Bucyrus - Erie and Lima cranes are still being used today).

George J. Igel & Co., Inc. was a steady user of cranes from 1940 to 1993. The manufacturers would come to Columbus to see the cranes in use and discuss improvements in design for the next generation of models with the Igel Team.


Crane next to truck 1940
George Igel, Sr pointing to statue of Christopher Columbus in front of City Hall


Service to the Community

"Service to the Community" has been the motto of George J. Igel & Co., Inc. In the 1958 flood, Igel cranes worked on the levee and Igel pumps worked to save industries and property.

Radio dispatched equipment was a new service provided by Igel.

In 1955, an Igel crane set the Columbus Statue, donated by Genoa, Italy, in
front of City Hall under the direction of George Igel, Sr.



Post-war Economy

The company survived the great depression and flourished in the post-war economy by excavating house basements in Columbus. The company dug over 1000 basements in one month for area builders. George III led the company through these years until 1968.


Using excavator to dig basement 1960
Vehicle using grade control technology 1970


New Technology

Laser Technology was pioneered by Laserplane of Dayton in the 1970’s and again Igel was at the leading edge of this grade control technology, working with the design team from the Dayton, Ohio firm.



Trailblazing in Construction

In the 1980s, Igel pioneered the use of off-road dump trucks for site development, setting a new standard in construction innovation.


Renovation and lowering of the turf field at the Ohio State University Stadium 1980s
Using crane to lower a full size replica of the ship The Santa Maria


GPS Technology

The 1990’s brought GPS technology into play and Igel worked with OSU Center for Mapping to create one of the first mobile receivers to create a real time topography of an existing site in 1994.

The fourth generation of Igel family, John Igel, George Igel V, and Joe Igel Jr., began to guide the company in 1995.



Beginning of a Tradition

The new millennium brought continued improvements to the Company. Self-performed concrete work was added to services to clients. The first soil stabilization and reclamation machines were purchased. The new services expanded the markets and projects the Company could perform.


IGEL construction in foreground with skyline of Columbus Ohio in background
Collage of construction photos through the years celebrating 100 year anniversary of IGEL


An Expanding Fleet

Despite all of the changes brought about by technology, the values of the staff remain unchanged. Hard work, innovation, honoring our commitments, always giving the customer good advice and working with team members who share the common values of family and community continue as traits through the generations and have become ingrained in the culture of the organization.

The company continues into its second 100 years, firmly positioned for the future.



Continued Growth

This decade saw steady growth in the Central Ohio region, and the Company grew along with it. Specialty construction service earth retention systems grew as urban areas and density increased. Bridge crews and asphalt paving services were added in this decade and added to the diversity of the projects we can build in house. The staff and the experience of the structural and hardscape concrete personnel continue to grow in size and reputation in Columbus for the quality of the work.


Present day excavator unloading into dumb truck